Multidisciplinary Teams

What is a Multidisciplinary Team?

A functioning and effective multidisciplinary team approach (MDT) is the foundation of a Child Advocacy Center.  An MDT is a group of professionals who represent various disciplines and  work collaboratively  from the point of report to assure the most effective coordinated response possible for every child.  The purpose of interagency collaboration is to coordinate intervention so as to reduce potential trauma to children and families and improve services, while preserving and respecting the rights and obligations of each agency to pursue their respective mandates.  Coordinated investigations are more efficient and more effective therefore all Child Advocacy Centers have multidisciplinary teams that meet regularly to plan cooperative protocols and review cases that are being investigated.  Multidisciplinary teams are more successful in reducing duplication, ensuring that cases do not fall through the cracks, and resolving more cases successfully.  Collaborative approaches to investigation bring wider viewpoints into making decisions, help identify more resources for children, and provide a smoother experience for children and families.

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