What is a Child Advocacy Center?

A child friendly environment tied together by community agencies and professionals that work together to reduce the trauma victims experience and enhance the ability to respond to child maltreatment. The heart of a CPC is the multi-disciplinary team that is made up of seven disciplines that lead the investigation through a coordinated community response.

Who do Child Advocacy Centers serve?

Child Protection centers serve children and families throughout Iowa ensuring all children receive access to high quality services.

What services are offered from a Child Advocacy Center?

Medical Evaluation and Treatment

Forensic Interviews

Counseling and/or Referrals

Case Review and Case Tracking

Prevention and Community Education

Advocacy Services

How are children referred for services?

Referrals for evaluations come from law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies and medical providers. Child Protection Centers will not accept direct referrals from parents. Concerns of abuse and neglect should be reported to law enforcement and /or child protection in your community.

Is there any cost to families for services?

There is never a cost to families associated with services they receive at a Child Protection Center.

What are the benefits of a CPC?

For victims and their families, the benefits include: consistent and prompt follow-up to abuse reports; consistent and compassionate support for the child and family; referrals to professionals with expertise in specialized fields; dramatically fewer victim interviews and increased successful prosecution. Based on research conducted by the National Children’s Alliance, the CPC approach is 36% less expensive and more highly valued by community residents.

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